Peter Finkbeiner

Peter Finkbeiner, who grew up in the post-war rubble of Berlin, developed a wanderlust at an early age. His child-star career (in theatre, television and film) had carried him all over Europe before his academic one took him to three continents.

A journalist-photographer-publisher of international magazines and author of city guides and travel books – from The Grand Hotels of Europe to The Islands of the South Seas – Finkbeiner became famous as the creator of the IN World Guide, the esoteric almanac of the most important, beautiful and social places on earth – and the world’s most exclusive and expensive pocketbook. Acclaimed by the world press as “The Beautiful-Life Bible for the Chosen Few” (Esquire), the IN World Guide remains the only guide to the entire world in a single volume.

Finkbeiner’s pleasantly informative, casually critical, tongue-in-cheek style distinguishes his guides from the Baedekers and beyond. Awarded the Prix de l’Excellence Européenne and the honours of the Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie, his Best of The Best series Business & Pleasure brought forth publications on Europe, America and Asia. Finkbeiner’s Places to Be for Lufthansa’s Hon Circle, was the first travel guide specially produced for the airline.

Peter Finkbeiner’s IN WorldGuide is exclusively based on the author's personal travels and covers everything exclusive of importance, interest and charm in the world’s top cities on all five continents.

Peter Finkbeiner’s world tour is a tale of many cities, his philosophy shared with idol Oscar Wilde: “The secret of life lies in the search for beauty.”

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